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Roxana Dolson Hair & Makeup wants to provide you with the ultimate luxury experience when it comes to your wedding day. Your wedding day is one of the most glamorous days of your life, we want to assure you and your party are well taken care of on one of life’s most exciting and magical days.


Indulge in the ultimate experience as you sit back and relax while Roxana styles your hair and applies your makeup by having her as your own personal beauty stylist for your wedding day. Roxana will travel along with her team to your location of choice and get you and your party wedding day ready. Once done, her team will leave and Roxana will stay to ensure your day stays flawless and you look like the star you are on your big day. Along with having her ready for any touch ups you may need, she will change your look from ceremony to reception to give you the ultimate VIP experience giving you a true red carpet treatment.


Your wedding day is one that you want to ensure you look like the best version of yourself. This is a great option if you want a refresher before walking into your ceremony or reception. After pictures have been taken, when humidity is high and the heat is on or just simply a touch up before your wedding reception starts. Roxana and her team will travel to you and get you and your party ready, they will then leave and Roxana will return to do any touch ups you desire either before your ceremony or reception.


Roxana will travel to you and get you and your party wedding day ready. This is your a la carte option where each service is charged individually. You and your party will get glammed up and once Roxana is done she will leave for the day.